Ethiopian Hair Butter….Habesha Hair Care


Kibbeh Hair butter


So guys, This past week I have tried a DIY treatment of putting butter on your hair. I know it sounds strange but apparently, this stuff can do wonders for your hair. Kibbeh is a natural homemade butter made from Cow’s milk many East African tribes in Ethiopia use this as a protectant from the sun and they also use it has a styling aid.

To begin the process you will need:

A food processor, a blender, or a hand mixer

Heavy cream

Optional things:

Grapeseed oil or any oil


Essential oil…I used Frankincenses!

Step one:

pour heavy cream into blender or food processor or mixing bowl

Step Two:

Pour in grapeseed oil or any kind oil that you normally use on your hair(side note: I do not recommend that you use coconut oil, as it might change the consistency of the hair butter.)

At this time you may also add in honey or essential oil fragrance that you would like.

Step Three:

Turn on the blender! lol You should mix your mixture together until you see this…


The Fats should be seperated from a milky substance. Usually this takes about 15 to 20 minutes of mixing the heavy cream.

Step Four:

Drain all the milk substance from the butter. And you have your butter!

From what I have seen from researching, people use this has a pre-poo, a hair detangler, and a texture softner. It also is suppose to enchance your natural curl pattern and promote growth and strength to the hair.

Here’s a pic with Kibbeh on my hair


I did this treatment twice. This is a picture of the first time I did it. I left it on overnight.


Here’s my hair after the treatment



Easy to make


Hair did feel soft yet strong after treatment


The smell did over time become very overbearing. When you first smell it, it reminds you of sweet cream however if you leave it on overnight like I did the first time, it will start to smell a little putirid. The smell started to remind me of baby spit up.

Final Verdict:

I enjoyed the treatment and I think that I will start to incorporate this treatment into my natural hair regimen.

Let me know if you have tried this or plan on trying it!


Melanoid Millennial



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