M.I.A….New Direction??

So in the past couple of months, I have been missing. Yeah, I know it sucks, but in all honesty, I just been busy and stressed. This economy has just been so messed up and ridiculous that I haven’t really had time for myself or even my hobbies.

Now that I have addressed that….New directions that I will be making to the blog.

Some of the content that I was going to post on the blog such as cooking, controversial issues, the social and political news might not be as frequent has I intended. New directions that want to take will probably be my opinions on things, maybe hair diys, and also I am really interested in creating a conlang, and I will probably still bring about my some controversial things especially for black people. However, chasing racism and discrimination is just plain tiring! Honestly, I get so tired of talking about all the injustices that are going on its just hard to keep up on and it’s just emotionally draining to constantly give that energy. I am hoping to also do some upgrades to the website( yes I know its a hot mess) but hopefully, with this new direction, I will be able to update more content and also be consistent, which is a thing I struggle with. Take care guys!


Melanoid Millennial

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