Don’t worry, everything’s going to be Alt-right…?

In the latest news of fuckery, apparently, the meaning of diversity is white genocide. I am hearing this from the none other than the new Klu Klux Klan called the Alt-right. These people are full of it, like seriously ?! But I guess with the likes of America’s first Orange president, White supremacist have gained a bit more confidence in themselves, no longer do white supremacist have to bow down to the likes of black and brown people by being politically correct, they might even finally get a  White History month, SAY IT LOUD, I’M WHITE AND I’M PROUD! They gained so much confidence that they even have national meetings and hail Trump by giving the Nazi salute, isn’t that amazing!

However, I don’t care what they call themselves their white fragility is showing. Yes, it is true that in the near future Whites will become a minority in this country, in all honesty, White people are a minority internationally, but that story is for another time. And it is also true that the world it self is highly globalized, thanks to technology, however, just because Whites would be a minority does not equate them to being less in power. For example, think of places like Brazil and South Africa. These countries have a majority population of non-white individuals, however, the small selected few of White folks still rule the masses.  So, why are these people no paranoid about diversity? It all stems from this belief that America is a white country…Bih Whet??!! They took this country from the Native Americans, then brought over Africans and then put them into slavery, allowed immigrants to come over and work hard jobs for little pay while they reap the benefits, then they complain about diversity?!  If it wasn’t for the  White Man, colonializing and enslaving everybody and they momma, none of this would be a problem. White supremacist should especially understand that with every action there is a reaction, there are very few places that White culture has not touched and in the process, they have left scars, destruction, and confusion. So the next step is what do you think is going to happen in return? How can white people claim something that already someone else’s? Another issue that I have with this group is that they will vehemently deny that black people have done anything for this country or that we are just a group of people who just can’t simply assimilate into “American” culture. And to me, that is the most un-American thing about this group and it astonishes me that a presidential leader who this group praises is about to take office. The only thing I suggest to my melanoid people is to get ready, and one last thing to the white nationalist, WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

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