Hello! And welcome to my world!

What’s up, people! And welcome to Melanoid Millennial! This is my first blog and I hope you all enjoy what post and topics that we will discuss all throughout my blog. Let’s start by me introducing myself, My name is Sara, I am a young black woman that’s trying to live the best life possible.   I am a recent college graduate , and I currently reside in Greensboro as well. My reasons for getting into blogging are a bit complicated. For one I really hate writing, I know, strange right?! However, I love sharing ideas and I love to think about the current world we live in. I also hate using social media platforms, which is strange for someone my age right?! Aren’t millennials suppose to love this stuff. The irony of it is, I just can’t stay away from it. And finally, my last reason is because I am interesting blogging. Blogging would be a new frontier and an outlet to express my thoughts, experiences, and inspirations to the world.

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