Ethiopian Hair Butter….Habesha Hair Care

    So guys, This past week I have tried a DIY treatment of putting butter on your hair. I know it sounds strange but apparently, this stuff can do wonders for your hair. Kibbeh is a natural homemade butter made from Cow’s milk many East African tribes in Ethiopia use this as a protectant… Continue reading Ethiopian Hair Butter….Habesha Hair Care

Don’t worry, everything’s going to be Alt-right…?

In the latest news of fuckery, apparently, the meaning of diversity is white genocide. I am hearing this from the none other than the new Klu Klux Klan called the Alt-right. These people are full of it, like seriously ?! But I guess with the likes of America’s first Orange president, White supremacist have gained… Continue reading Don’t worry, everything’s going to be Alt-right…?